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Things To Look At Before Talking To An Erb’s Palsy Lawyer.

Erb’s Palsy is a condition that can occur during delivery if a baby’s neck is stretched unnaturally by a doctor or medical staff during delivery as the head and shoulders pass through the birth canal, damaging the brachial plexus nerves causing future weakness to the arm of the affected child. Due to the fact that the damage caused can be severe and cause paralysis depending on how serious the injury is, Erb’s palsy caused due to the negligence of the doctor or medical staff makes it necessary for the affected persons to look for an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer and file charges against the doctor or medical staff responsible for injuring your baby. It is important to consider the following factors before looking for this lawyer who will help you with the case ease the financial burden that will come with taking care of your baby for the rest of their life.

The first thing that you should consider before speaking to an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer is the duration of time that the Erb’s palsy case will take. Erb’s palsy cases may take a lot of time from the date of filing, and with medical expenses and other costs associated with Erb’s palsy condition to go by, it is important to consider this factor first before talking to an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer. Statute limitations for filling medical malpractice happens two years from the time of injury, therefore, time should be considered fast for your case to be heard as soon as possible.

The other thing that you should consider before looking for an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer is having the necessary paperwork solidifying your case. Before finding an Erb’s palsy lawyer to represent your case, it is important to have as much information with you as possible. This can be done by looking for all relevant paperwork with you, and check if you can provide crucial information such as medical records and names of medical staff or witnesses for the lawyer to examine and negotiate your compensation.

Another thing that you should consider before looking for an Erb’s Palsy lawyer is the amount and type of compensation to expect. Past, present, and future medical expenses associated with the baby’s injuries including other forms of rehabilitations such as physical therapy determine the type and amount of compensation to get.

The amount in legal fees that the case will cost is another thing that you should look at before talking to this lawyer. For you to determine whether you can afford the case, it is important to know whether the lawyer will demand for legal fees upfront to retain his or her legal services or will work with a contingency fees taking into consideration that there are medical bills and further care for the injured baby to look for.