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Atoms vibrate and send out distinct frequencies which are mostly different and specific for the different organs, tissues and living things. Nerves and other molecular aids relay messages or instructions from the brain to other organs and tissues through the spinal cord or central nervous system. There are some systems and devices that have enhanced operation of the healthcare industry and this is achieved through technological advancements. Biofeedback systems are designed to make use of the brain to read and interpret signals that indicate helpful information regarding health of a person. Ordinary systems may be unable to read and interpret the signals although the biofeedback systems can do so effectively by amplifying the signals.

Vector NLS Bioresonance machines are designed to enable medical practitioners scan the body and get vital information presented through computers. Specialized computers and software is designed for the system to detect and decode the bioactivity of neurons. When tissues are scanned it is possible to identify presence of infections by counter checking with the already know frequency of healthy cells and tissues. When someone is feeling pain it might be impossible to identify the exact source because normally their description is mainly used. The source of pain or problem can be found easily using the biofeedback systems making them better than having to describe issues.

When the biofeedback systems are used patients can be treated much faster and with the necessary medication since the problem is identified accurately. Other than biofeedback scanning of cells and tissues, the systems could also help through biofeedback therapy which also works in similar manners. In biofeedback therapy, the system intercepts signals from brain neurons and analyzes for changes and then reverses the frequency to treat the conditions. Once changes are identified, appropriate frequencies are sent back to the brain in order to heal and reverse damage. Chakras is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and is manifested through electrically charged objects having unique colors.

When the chakras is carefully studied it could give helpful information about the emotional and overall health conditions of a person. Patients experiencing extreme pain can be helped to completely get relieved from the pain and experience a boost in health too. Once the problems are identified, biofeedback therapy uses bio resonance headphones to send the specific frequencies to treat the issues. A database containing the known frequencies of such components as pathogens, microorganisms and healthy cells and tissues is accessible by the system. Results from the scans enable the specialists to apply appropriate frequencies to restore the required frequencies. The scans can reveal the presence of harmful microorganisms in the cells which are destroyed through destructive frequencies that are made specifically to eliminate the specific microorganisms.

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