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The DUI Marijuana Laws to Know as an Ordinary Motorist or Driver

Generally speaking, we have seen marijuana and marijuana based products coming in to effect such a change in the American culture in such a huge way, over the past few years the use of these rising immensely in the United States. Marijuana, a product that used to be counterculture is now becoming more and more easily accessible to all who may want to use them. By and large, what we see is the fact that times are changing and as such the need to embrace the changes and only wise to keep up with the implications of the culture that is setting in.

Looking at the marijuana industry and world, we have seen lots of legalizations going into the same. This legalization going into the cannabis industry actually brings with it a number of legislative issues and laws, new as they come, that we should be familiar with. An area of particular interest in so far as these issues go may be what it is that actually goes into marijuana DUI matters. If you deal in legal cannabis, you should appreciate the fact that these laws can have such an impact on your clients. Consult with this car accident attorney will take you through all there is for you to know when it comes to the legal cannabis world, on all laws and regulations that affect this industry. The following is a rundown on some of the basics that you should know of about these even as have been shared with us by this car accident attorney.

An issue that many have had bothering them when it comes to the DUI issues is whether it is legal to drive while under the influence of some substance, alcohol and marijuana for instance. Answering this without getting into much details and specifics, a firm no would be the most appropriate form of an answer to give at this point. As a matter of fact, this car accident attorney will advice you and tell you that even if you happen to be in such states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, one will still not be legally right driving while under the influence.

So what happens when you happen to be found to be driving while under the influence? In the event that you happen to be pulled over and are intoxicated, the procedure is just the normal one, you get to blow into a breathalyzer and where you are found to be above the legal limit, you will be hit with a DUI charge. In case you happen to be so slapped and want your way out of the situation, consider talking to this car accident attorney who will help you find that way out of the DUI charge and the consequences that may follow. With this car accident attorney is much experience in handling such DUI charges and as such is one you can reliably turn to and be sure to get the legal representation and guidance through the case facing you.